I’m not a politician. I’m a guy that mostly calls it straight. I’m not overly ambitious. I’m 61, and my life is great. I’ve got two young kids (and two grown kids) and a house that’s paid for and a wife that’s way too good for me. Being on City Council won’t improve my life at all. They’ve got nothing I want.

So why am I running? Because I want to be able to call city government on their shenanigans right there in the middle of a City Council meeting. I want to be the “adult in the room.” I’ve never been the “adult in the room,” not even in a room full of five-year-olds.

If our city leaders want to lie to us, I want them to be better liars. I want lies that endure the test of time. We live in the Internet age, and our lies live forever. No longer can they lie to us and hope we’ll forget. We remember.

If you think things are great at the city, you either have a horse in the race or you’re not paying attention.  I want to make city government better for all El Pasoans.

Maybe you’re one of those people that are pulling the strings of local government. Maybe city government is screwing everybody else for your benefit. That’s okay. You should still vote for me. Because you know it can’t go on forever, and the sooner it changes, the better for the whole community. People aren’t stupid, at least not all the time. A vibrant, educated community is better for you in the long run. Like you’re so fond of saying, trust me on this one.