Tuesday City Council discussed eleven items in Executive Session.

Obviously there’s a purpose for Executive Session.  To discuss lawsuits, for instance.  Or to acquire real estate without alerting speculators who might drive the price up.

But City Council uses Executive Session to keep the citizens in the dark.  How about these three items from last Tuesday’s agenda:

EX3. Mexican American Cultural Center (551.071, 551.072 and 551.087)
EX4. El Paso Children’s Museum (551.071 and 551.072)
EX5. Entertainment Project – Economic Development (551.071), ( 551.087)

The numbers denote the section of the Texas Municipal Code used to justify retiring into Executive Session.  551.071 governs Consultation with Attorney.  551.072 covers Deliberation about Real Property.  And 551.087 deals with Deliberation Regarding Economic Development Negotiations.

I’m sure there are good reasons to meet in Executive Session, but City Council uses their secret meetings to stifle public discussion so that they can present their plans to the public as a fait accompli.

After all, they know what’s good for us.

If I am elected, I promise more transparency from city government.

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