Do you go the Chihuahuas games?  Do you swim at the westside swimming pool?

I don’t.  Yet, somehow, I still have to pay for them.

El Paso’s property taxes are among the highest in all 50 states.  Really.  Among big cities in America, El Paso’s residential tax rate ranks second.  Commercial property tax rates rank third.  Industrial property tax rates are the highest among big cities in the country.

And what do we get for it?  The streets are crumbling.  The sidewalks are buckling.  Our police investigators take weeks to respond to crimes, if they respond at all.

And our incumbents keep repeating the mantra that It’s All Good.  Not in those words, exactly, but the meaning is still there.

“Look at all the progress we’ve made,” they say.  “Look at what I’ve done for the district.”

So look at all the progress we’ve made.  No significant economic development.  A population growth rate that’s flatlined.  And some of the highest property tax rates in the country.

This election, say no to higher taxes.  Vote for change.

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