Reasonable people will agree that the arena is a bad idea. Publicly funded arenas are bad investments. They don’t create wealth. They compete against local businesses for our disposable income. No one, neither corporations or individuals, will move to El Paso because we have another arena.

But, if we have to have an arena, let’s wait. Let’s wait till we get some of that economic development the QoL bond proponents promised us. Let’s wait till our economic base has grown, so the taxpayers don’t have to take another $180 million hit in the pocketbook. Let’s wait till an arena makes sense.

And maybe, in the interim, a better location will present itself. Those two blocks in Duranguito are the most historically dense in El Paso. Ponce de Leon, Pancho Villa, Joseph Magoffin, and Dallas Stoudenmire all strode those streets.

El Paso can do better. El Paso deserves better.

We all do.

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