From our local English language daily:

Wright, a longtime El Pasoan who lives in Sunset Heights [sic] with his wife, Venessa [sic] Johnson, and their two children, said he’s in the race because City Council members are “disconnected” from the people they represent.

“Much of the problem at City Council (is that) many of their most recent contentious decisions were foisted” on residents without any public discussion — putting the arena in Duranguito, putting the Mexican American Cultural Center in the Downtown library, and the TIRZ 12 (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 12 at the base of the Franklin Mountains in West El Paso), he said.

“Maybe if City Council had announced their plans and allowed public discussion before the decision was made, there would be more harmony in town, even if they reached the same conclusions,” he said.

Besides getting more public input, Wright said he also wants to change the city’s economic development policies by not offering tax incentives for “glitzy baubles,” such as the Topgolf entertainment complex, and other retail-related projects owned by out-of-town companies, and instead invest in the arts community and in history/cultural tourism. One way to do that, he said, would be for the properties, which the city bought in Duranguito for the proposed arena, to be used for an “arts area,” with an art school and art studios.

I think I actually called it “an arts conservatory.” Maybe the Times thinks its readers don’t know what that word means.

Maybe they don’t.

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