The El Paso Inc.’s David Crowder writes about the District 8 election this week. Here’s what he had to say about me:

Richard Wright, 61, is a businessman who ran the Wild Hare’s [sic] Booze & Adventure bar for ten years and now handles the El Chuceño [sic] website, writes a blog and conducts walking tours in Juarez.

Okay, Wildhare’s has been closed for more than 13 years, so I can forgive Mr. Crowder for not knowing it was one word, but how hard is it to google El Chuqueño?

Wright is running against City Hall and a lot of what City Council has been doing, from trying to build an arena in the Duranguito neighborhood to conducting too much business behind closed doors.

I’m not against City Hall. I’m for open, honest, and transparent government. I’m for government that’s respectful, responsive, and fiscally responsible. I’m for accountability.

Why does being an advocate for good government put me in opposition to City Hall?

Maybe you should ask City Hall.

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