The Riches (God bless them) think they know how to make El Paso better.

But the Riches (God bless them) didn’t get rich because they know how to enjoy life. The got rich through hard work. Nose to the grindstone. Sacrifice.

Sacrifice is a hard sell.

Since 2012, El Paso’s population has only grown by one and a half percent. Over five years.

Our property tax rates are among the highest in the nation.

Our electric rates are among the highest in the state.

El Paso is the city that Americans are fleeing the most. El Paso is the city that is experiencing the most severe case of “brain drain” in the country.

When the Riches (God bless them) sold us their plan, they said development would reduce our property taxes. The told us their plan would stop the “brain drain.”

They were wrong.

The Riches’ Grand Experiment in Economic Development is failing. They’re trying to turn El Paso into a city that appeals to people like them. But people like them want to live in La Jolla, or Honolulu, or Austin. El Paso can’t compete with cities like that, for people like them.

We shouldn’t try to, because we don’t want to.

El Paso is beautiful. El Paso is real. El Paso has soul. The Riches (God bless them) want to bring in luxury amenities to attract people like them. And they want us to pay for those luxury amenities.

It’s time to take our city back.

It’s time to stanch the flow of tax dollars for luxury amenities. It’s obscene for City Government to ask poor people to pay for luxury amenities for the leisure class. El Paso is poor.

We can’t buy it back. The Riches have more money to throw at an election than all of us combined. The Riches control the media. The Riches control the government.

What we can do is vote. We can make our voice heard at the polls.

This is our city, and it’s not for sale. We can do better.

  1. Marc Salazar says:

    When city council raises property taxes twice after the CAD already raised property values across the board in addition to getting us deeper in debt through non-voter approved certificates of obligation mostly for so-called voter approved and poorly budgeted 2012 bond projects including frivolous amenities like an ultra expensive water “park” in every district, the citizens must RESIST and VOTE THEM OUT for not responsibly representing the citizenry!

  2. We definitely need to practice self-restraint in asking city council for any further amenities as well. City council needs to show restraint by saying no. We need to pay down our debt before we think about doing anything other than the basics of repairing streets and boosting Police and Fire Protection.

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